wedding - mannheim - elopement
Posted by | 24. June 2021
Haley & Lennart | Mannheim, Germany

Haley und Lennart haben sich dazu entschieden, sich ganz unkompliziert zu zweit ohne Gäste trauen zu lassen. Besonders unter den unklaren Corona-Bedingungen war so alles sehr entspannt. Die Trauung fand...

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Pole Dance Heidelberg - Hirschberg - Narumi Lin
Posted by | 10. April 2021
Poledancer Narumi Lin | Heidelberg, Germany

Narumi is a poledance instructor who teaches classes in Heidelberg. When she approached me to capture her work, I was a little hesitant at first but decided to just give...

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Römerstraße heidelberg bei nacht
Posted by | 30. December 2020
Long nights allow me to feel

"Have no fear For when I'm alone I'll be better off than I was before I've got this light I'll be around to grow Who I was before I cannot...

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heidelberg - Ehrenfriedhof - Königsstuhl
Posted by | 17. November 2020
Autumn walks in Heidelberg

This autumn has been an absolute dream so far. Warm days, foggy sunrises, colourful sunsets & leaves everywhere. The past few weeks I was mostly trapped behind my desk so...

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