Posted by | 13. March 2019
A month in Ghana

Some time ago a friend and I went to Ghana for a month. Originally we planned to go to Norway but spontaneously decided to make it Ghana instead - almost...

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Posted by | 3. February 2019
PHOTO DIARY: Roadtrip in France

Two weeks under the French sun, filled with heaps of fresh baguette, hours in the saddle, beach walks, sunset sessions and laughter. We started with little plans, just vaguely knew...

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Posted by | 14. January 2019
Live for the small moments

The other day I was looking back on what happened in 2018 and I realised how much of that I actually didn't have in my mind anymore. Mostly just the...

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Posted by | 16. December 2018
PHOTO DIARY: Working on a farm in the Drakensberg Mountains

During my travels through South Africa last summer I also worked on a farm in the Drakensberg mountains for two and a half weeks. When I arrived there I didn't...

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Posted by | 7. December 2018
Five days in Cape Town

This August/September I travelled through South Africa for six weeks. Mostly I stayed with friends and discovered rather "untouristic" parts of the country. The last five days I was in...

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