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EST. 2018

Nina Ludwig Photography

Dedicated to create a custom solution for your needs. Whether it’s to capture a fleeting moment or make your business look good, we work on providing the best outcome together with you.


NAME: Nina Ludwig

BIRTHDAY: 30. March

LOCATION: Stuttgart, Germany

EMAIL: info@nina-ludwig.de

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“There comes a time in life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and start writing your own.“

Our Services


Capturing your unique moments

Whether it’s your horse, your dog, your partner, your friends or just you alone, we all deserve to have unique pictures from special moments. View more detailed information about my offers.

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Customised photo productions

Documentations of weddings, productions, businesses and training sessions. Customised offer to fit your personal needs.



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Learn more about my latest travels, view full photo stories or read more about some special projects.

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PHOTO DIARY: Roadtrip in France

Two weeks under the French sun, filled with heaps of fresh baguette, hours in the saddle, beach walks, sunset sessions and laughter. We started with...

Moody January Vibes

Misted-up window. First sun after countless grey days. Short days. Time for tea. Legs pressed against the heater. Face out in the cold. Red cheeks....


Stuttgart, GERMANY
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