Narumi is a poledance instructor who teaches classes in Heidelberg. When she approached me to capture her work, I was a little hesitant at first but decided to just give it a try. So far I’ve never worked with a (pole) dancer before and taking pictures indoors is always a step out of my comfort zone. Outdoors it’s easier for me to switch locations work with natural light. So I knew it’s gonna be a little challenge but definitely also a big learning. And one of the things I really love is working with new people and learning about their stories & visions.

We met on a Sunday afternoon in the studio in Heidelberg, where Narumi usually gives classes. After a little warm-up we started shooting and it went so smooth from the beginning on. It was a bright sunny day so there was lots of light coming through the big windows (lucky me, enough natural light!). With a few outfit changes and slight changes of perspective, we got a set of pictures with different expressions. In total we took pictures for about an hour but it felt a lot shorter.

As much as I enjoy developing concepts or stories, capturing people in a more documenting style is also so much fun. It feels like you just step back and observe what is going on. You can set a certain frame but within that frame, everything is rather unplanned and out of the moment. Same goes for wedding parties or horses in motion for example.
Generally it’s always super interesting for me to work with other creatives, whether it’s other photographers, videographer, poets, dancers or any others. It gives me new input and inspiration to think about and work with.


Check out Narumi and learn more about her work: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM

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