Photo Diary: Working on a farm in the Drakensberg Mountains

During my travels through South Africa last summer I also worked on a farm in the Drakensberg mountains for two and a half weeks. When I arrived there I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure what expected me. Looking back it was such a great time and I literally cannot wait to go back to stay longer!
The farm is located near a small village in the Southern Drakensberg. Although it was winter when I came there, the landscape is absolutely beautiful! You have a lot of mountains with opportunities to hike and mountain bike, rivers, open fields, lots of dairy, sheep and horses and in general really nice views. Even though I like big cities, living on a farm, somehow in the middle of nowhere is so nice! No distractions, less noise, nature and work to get your hands dirty.
At the end of every day I walked between 20,000 – 30,000 steps, was completely dirty and tired but absolutely happy.

A typical day

Actually it’s really hard to speak of THE typical day as every day had different tasks. There were things that needed to be done every single day like refilling stocks, getting firewood, cooking, bringing the horses in and get them ready for the rides, pushing the horses back on the field, looking after guests, doing payments, cleaning everything, …
But apart from there were always some other duties that differed each day: cleaning the bridles, getting hay bails, feeding the sheep, counting horses, going on trail rides  with guests, grocery shopping, getting horses with the trailer, brushing horses.
However there was also lots of fun stuff and I’ll never forget those red wine nights, swimming with the dogs in the ice cold dam, going for early morning runs in the most beautiful scenery ever, fast rides over the open fields, burned sandwiches and scrambling up Bamboo mountain. I’ll be back soon, Khotso! xx

My time in pictures

One of the rivers that surrounds the farm.

One of the pastures near the house.

Creating fire breakers.

Some of the 400 sheep.

Much needed on frosty mornings.

Probably one of the nicest breakfast views.

Fog & frost at 6 a.m.

Sunny afternoons and dirty shoes

Queen Pebbles…

.. on the hunt ..

.. to get cuddled.

Most motivated swimmer ever.

The herd is coming

Ready for the end of the working day.

Getting everyone out.

They are flying through the evening light.

They once were that clean..

Running along the river means fresh drinking water all the time

Early morning + rain + sunrise + running

Misty mornings

The woman who burns her sandwich haha

Campsite beginning to bloom

Everything is still brown and burned

There’s always this one guy that knows the grass is greener on the other side.

Cuddling horses is a daily duty!

Trailride with the school boys

Leading the group. No better feeling than cantering over the open field.

Sometimes you find unexpected things..

Starting our hike..

.. scrambling up this peak …

… had a wonderful view from the top ..

… and dirty feet afterwards.

Usually the friendliest cat ever

He will terrorise you. ALWAYS.

Big braaing love.

No better end of a day.

Cold but colourful evenings.

Always better than Netflix.

Makes it worth to get out of bed in the frost.

Your reward for going on a trail run before breakfast.

In rare moments there’s time to chill!

Watching the horses. Breathing. Silence.

Daily reminder that everything is a choice.

Never ever getting tired of that view.

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.”

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