Meet Nina

Hey, nice to have you here! I’m Nina, born in Stuttgart and currently still living in the South of Germany.
With ‘Nina Ludwig Photography’ I am combining my biggest passions and am able to live my dream of doing a job I really love.

How it all started..

When I was a child I was always roaming through nature and dreamt of having my own farm in the middle of nowhere. Horses always fascinated me and when I finally started taking horse riding lessons, I became one of those ‘horse girls’. All I wanted to have is an own horse and I spent every minute possible at the stables.
This was also the beginning of my photography career. I saw heaps of nice horse pictures and told myself “I wanna be able to do that”. After hundreds of blurry flower and horse pictures I fulfilled myself the dream of having an own digital SLR. The pictures became more and more and slowly I began to understand what it takes to create pictures that are more than just “non-blurry”.
2018 was they year I finally made the step to get further into photography and am offering different kind of services for clients.

What else?

Two years ago I went to school in South Africa for some time which turned out to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Starting to travel made me realise which opportunities are out there and how much we should strive to give our best every single day. I met the greatest friends at the other side of the world and I cannot wait to make more unforgettable memories. Travelling became some kind of addiction and whenever I come back from a trip I’m already thinking about where to go next.
When I’m not taking or editing pictures, you will probably find me sipping a coffee (honestly, two per day aren’t enough!), doing some kind of sports or eating some good food.

6Coffees per day
47860Pictures taken
153Hours spent in a plane
978Chewing gums

Wanna know more about me?

Student of Economics

Since October 2018, I’m studying Economics in Germany.


For my work I’m using a Canon EOS 6D + Tamron 70-200 f2.8 and Sigma ART 35mm f1.4.


My number one therapy is Sports – whether it’s riding my bike or running through nature, I could never go without it again.

Coffee & Gin Tonic

My two biggest weaknesses concerning drinks – give me one of them and I’ll love you forever.


Grateful. 24/7/365.

When we are saying this cannot be accomplished, this cannot be done, then we are short-changing ourselves. My brain, it cannot process failure. It will not process failure. Because if I have to sit here and face myself and tell myself ‘you are a failure’, I think this is a worse, that is almost worse than death.
Kobe Bryant