A weekend in Paris

Paris – the city of love! Although it’s not too far away from where I live I’ve never been there before. So Vici and I have been talking about going there for about year now but never really managed to do it. Our plan to go in April got crashed when we realised it would be a good idea to book everything further than one week in advance. In December we now finally managed to go and even got a glimpse of Paris in the pre-Christmas time!


Train - Coffee & Croissant - Eiffel Tower

In my eyes one of the best things about Europe are the simple travel possibilities. We took the train to Paris and back, was roughly about 3h for one way, if you book early enough and are flexible on the dates it can be less than 100€. Our connection was from Mannheim at 7am on Friday – perfect time cause then we didn’t have to pay for an extra night in Paris but could still use the whole day there.
We arrived around 11am at Gare L’Est and walked into the city centre from there which took us about 35min. Since we could only get into our AirBnB at 2pm we just used the time to stroll around, drink coffee and eat “une crêpe avec sucre“.
Obviously we had to be cliché tourists and see the Eiffel Tower so we walked there in the afternoon. Took us about an hour but it was kinda nice to walk along the Seine. Shortly after we arrived it got dark and they turned the lights on. On our way back we took the “Champs Élysées” which looked over kitschy with all those red lights but was still an experience, especially with the most fancy Abercrombie & Fitch I’ve ever seen!
After walking more than another hour we were literally starving and just went into the next Chinese restaurant – good choice as a guy told us it’s supposed to be the best one in town. Completely full and satisfied we got some baguette on the way home and went to bed early.


Sacré-Cœur - Arc de Triomphe - Le Marais

We started the day with baguette & avocado in bed – seriously wouldn’t mind doing that more often! When we stepped out of our house the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold either, perfect conditions. Sacré-Cœur was also on our list so we decided to go there first. Well we were not the only ones with that idea and it was so crowded but still impressing. For lunch we had a “Pain au raisin” (might be obsessed with French bakeries!) before we walked to the “Arc de Triomphe“. Super crowded as well and what actually fascinated me more was how all the cars managed to drive so fast through the roundabout without crashing haha. In the afternoon I had an awesome shooting with Shahed, check out our results here: Portrait Shooting Paris
After walking a total of 26km we ended the day with a glass of white wine.


Louvre - Rainy & Cold Walks - Coffee & Crêpes

After all the sun on Saturday, Sunday was the complete opposite with a cold wind and drizzling rain. We grabbed a freshly baked croissant for breakfast and walked to the “Louvre”. Well, after we saw the queue in front of the entrance we decided it’s enough to just see it from the outside. The next few hours we were strolling around a bit without a certain goal in mind. Got some crêpes in what is meant to be the best “Crêperie” in Paris – tbh it wasn’t so much better than the crêpe I had on the street before, except it was twice as expensive. In the late afternoon we met Baptiste who went on a walk with us along a small canal – such beautiful places we would’ve never discovered! This is also something I can definitely recommend when you’re travelling, get in touch with locals to make new friends and see some completely different perspectives. We grabbed a baguette for dinner (obviously, you gotta use them good food opportunities lol) and took the train back to Germany at night. Paris – I’ll definitely be back one day in summer!

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