One month in Ghana

Some time ago a friend and I went to Ghana for a month. Originally we planned to go to Norway but spontaneously decided to make it Ghana instead – almost the same haha. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect before we went there and I still remember the moment we stepped out of the airport into the hot, humid and loud night of Accra. Looking back it was such a great time and in general made me think more than any other trip. It wasn’t always easy and whenever I thought I figured it all out there was a new challenge waiting for us. However it was such a great time and I feel like I only got a glimpse of what this unique country really is. “This is Ghana for you” was probably the no.1 sentence we got to hear during our time there. And it’s definitely true, Ghana is full of surprises.
We built long-lasting friendships, learned some words of Twi, drank fresh coconut on the beach, pounded Fufu, had more action than we wanted but good stories to tell, learned that sometimes “finish all” can become very uncomfortable, weaved Kente, learned to cook some typical Ghanian food and laughed a lot.
Here are some impressions of our experiences!


One thing that really fascinated me was Ghana’s beautiful nature. Of course in the cities you’ll find corners that are absolutely dirty but there is so much to see around. The Boti Falls were probably the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen. Tons of water coming down, golden light, a colourful rainbow in the air and an old boat tied to a tree down the falls. Apart from that we were at some smaller mountains, saw the monkeys and the culture around them (first time I’ve seen a monkey sanctuary!), went to the beach and walked on some Canopy Walks through the trees.


Ghana actually made us gain some kilos haha. We tried to taste all the typical local food and also made some more or less successful cooking attempts. Plantain, jollof rice, fried rice, Fufu, Banku, Kenkey, Soup,.. All in all lots of carbohydrates and tasty food. We also tasted fresh cocoa beans, had coconuts and drank fresh cocoa.


Staying with locals gave us an insight into the different cultures in Ghana – soo interesting! We ate Fufu with our hands, visited small villages, saw the traditional Kente weavers and made some rather unsuccessful attempts to do it as well, went to a traditional festival, saw old tribes, visited El Mina castle and learnt about the history of slavery, ate a whole fish, ate local food and learnt a lot about different ways of life.


The greatest part for me about traveling is meeting other people. It’s so nice to make new friends, share memories together, have an inspiring talk or just a good time! In Ghana we met the nicest people, shared knowledge and stories, learned a lot, met strange people as well but overall made great new friends. It was strange at first to walk around as we we’re seen as some kind of attraction since we are “Obrunis” (white people). However we got used to it after a while and it wasn’t really a negative experience, people were just really curious and tried to help us whenever possible.


“Ghana is full of surprises” – this sentence is soo true! During our four weeks there we definitely had a lot of action and surprises with some stories we better not tell everyone haha. We went hiking, visited the waterfall, drank Pitou out of Coconut bowls, hiked in the trees, fed monkeys, went out, experienced a Ghanaian festival and its madness and laughed a lot.
Ghana was an intense experience for me. Lots of laughter and nice moments but at the same time also down moments. It made me think more than any other travel but at the same time also realise how grateful I can be for all the opportunities I have in my life. Meda w’ase paa, I’ll be back one day!

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