Live for the small moments

The other day I was looking back on what happened in 2018 and I realised how much of that I actually didn’t have in my mind anymore. Mostly just the past three months and most significant moments – happy and sad – were present. So I went through my pictures of the past year and they brought back so many memories.
The big accomplishments, situations that seemed to be insignificantly small but mattered most, desperate and sad times and all those moments when I was just happy. It made me realise how much has changed during the past twelve months and also how much I’ve changed and grown as a person.
Especially in hard times when I am feeling down, I sometimes struggle with not overthinking and knowing who I am and what I’ve got. Those retrospectives then help me to be aware of what I’ve mastered and that I’m so much more than I think.
Other than that I also realised that what I remember most clearly and what still makes me super happy are these ‘insignificant’ moments of pure happiness. May sound cheesy but there is no better feeling than just being happy and grateful.
Realising the importance of gratitude was the biggest game changer for me. I know that we’ve heard it all before but nevertheless I believe it’s really important to be grateful and really live with that mindset. You start appreciating the small things. How you see life and what’s happening is completely up to you. Your mindset and view on the world is a choice.
Travelling to South Africa last summer was definitely one of my biggest highlights in 2018. So much happened during that time but what I remember best are the small moments. They give me so much.

The guy in the airplane who gives me his Saudi-Arabian sweets. 2am talks at the airport. The one that takes my bag for me. Sky on fire in the middle of Joburg. Rusks and tea at night. Breakfast date. Braai & wine. Pub night. Mountain hike with a hangover. Hearing nothing but the wind. Sunday morning scones. Joburg from above. Bus talks. Seeing you. Sokkie. Dancing and forgetting everything else. Laughing till we cry. Midnight talks. “Welcome home”. Picnic in the farm land. Braaivleis. Brandewyn-Coke. More. Strangers becoming friends. Some Afrikaans words. Fire in the cold. Gin Tonic. Dancing alone. Beer pong win. Long nights. The smell of spring in the air. Workout in the sun. Braai. Cotton candy sky and laughter. Sitting in the sun and doing nothing. 3m away from a giraffe. Kindness. “You’re such a nice person. I hope you know that.” Close to you. Cappuccino. Birthday night. Unforgettable. Sun & recharging. Too many people in the car. Shooting. Beach. Hiking alone. Music & fire. “Most people die before 40 and are buried with 80.” Responsibility. “Life must be lived dangerously.” Breakfast views. Driving. Leading the hike. Golden Hour in the mountains. Mexican soup. 6am frosty morning. Coffee in the cold. Night hike with all the stars. Most exhausting hike. Cold Coke afterwards. Drunk hot chocolate at midnight. Swimming with Boris. “You will be very successful.” Cantering on the open field. Sunday swim. Food delivery. Cream Soda with mountain panorama. Stir fry & Cider. Surreal sunny & foggy morning runs. He being my pacemaker and pushing me further. Red wine & laughter. Sleeping with Pebbles. 10m away from Elands. Music, food, sun & long drives along the coast. Best wine tasting amidst the mountains. Scrambling up Table Mountain. Falling asleep at the beach and waking up with a sunburn. Watching golden Cape Town. Goodbye shots. Airplane talks. Surpassing myself. 

Little note to self for 2019.

Even in hard times when it feels like you’re completely alone and don’t how and what to do, stay calm. You got this and you have yourself, that’s enough.
Appreciate the small moments and live for them. See beauty in everything, there is no “everyday life”. It’s all up to you.
Leave your comfort zone as often as possible and if you’re scared af, do it anyway. You determine the quality of your life. No one is in charge of your life.
Go on more spontaneous adventures. Regardless of what happens, never forget your dreams and who you are.
One life.

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